What is your revenue model?

We are an early stage pre-revenue company and plan not to make money during the private beta period. Access to reviews will be free to private beta participants during the private beta period.  Longer term, we envisage making money from two primary sources:

1) Technology buyers

2) Vendors.

Post the private beta, we will charge for access to in-depth reviews and premium curated content. Contributing participants will have the ability to accrue points, which will give either discounted or potentially free access to content.  We will sell access to the content on a long-term subscription and "bite sized" basis.  The aim of "bite sized" access is to serve the episodic/occasional needs of technology buyers.  It also allows us to have people "trial" our service.

We also aim to charge fees to vendors for premium services, including the ability to receive candid product feedback and to be able to moderate feedback, i.e. add comments to a review, in a similar fashion to how a hotel manager can add feedback on TripAdvisor.

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