What is the difference between my named profile and my anonymous profile?

We encourage you to be candid but understand that a certain level of discretion is part of any relationship, and the IT buyer/vendor relationship can be a tricky one.  We want you to be able to identify yourself to peers that you trust and build up your personal brand equity but still protect your identity.  For that reason, you have two different profiles on the site.  A named profile that is visible only to peers that you specifically select (or the entire network if that's what you want) and an anonymous profile that identifies only the type of position and the type of company that you work at.

Named Profile

  • Includes your name, job title, personal headline and company name 
  • Does not include any contact information (email, phone or address)
  • Includes your reputation and all badges that you have earned
  • Never visible to the general public
  • Visible only to members that you authorize
    • Other members in my LinkedIn network
    • Other members at my company
    • Only people I explicitly list
  • You can exclude specific people in your LinkedIn network from seeing your named profile

Anonymous Profile

  • Includes only the industry and size of company from your profile
  • If you provide a job type and department, it will also include that information (e.g. Manager in Marketing or Analyst in Accounting & Finance)
  • Includes your reputation score
  • Badges can optionally be included in your anonymous profile at your discretion
  • Visible to anyone not specifically authorized to see your named profile.

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